The Hosts

Our objective is to help guide amateur athletes by providing insight through the use of current and former athlete’s stories. We believe that our experiences, as well as others, will help the next generation of players navigate their way to and through college athletics. We also want to educate them on potential career opportunities within the sports industry. There are a number of avenues within the industry for student-athletes to explore, many of which they have already been prepped for. 

Jarrin Randall

I am a Chicago native who is a product of Chicago Public Schools. My journey within highschool sports lead me to 1 State Championship along with multiple state records in 3 point shooting while attending one of the top basketball powerhouses in Chicago -Morgan Park Highschool. Currently, I am a student-athlete majoring in Sports Management at Davenport University. My passion for sports have helped me identify my career aspirations within the sports industry.  

Bryce Barnes

I currently hold a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. After completing my undergraduate degree in three years, I transferred to the College of William and Mary to finish my collegiate basketball career and begin my MBA journey. Following the 2019-2020 basketball season, I was presented both the Kraze and Mark Batzel awards. The Kraze Award recognizes a player’s ability to inspire his teammates, while the Mark Batzel Award is given to the player that displays leadership, determination, mental toughness, and heart while installing those qualities in his teammates. As I transition from life as a student-athlete, I look forward to utilizing my skillset and experiences to make an impact within the sports industry and help younger athletes as co-founder of The Amateurs Podcast.